A wide variety of contemporary designed accessories!

Hand Bracelets

A unique selection of stone beads connected with specially designed embossed metal charm to create this elegant Bracelet. This bracelet that is specially designed by Duraibah, available in different types, designs and colors

Our special Semi-Precious Stones!
Agate/ Amazon/ Amethyst/ Tiger Eye/ Labradorite/ Moonstone/Onyx/ Quartz/ Sodalite/ Coral

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bags made of different types of (canvas fabric/ leather/ shiny PVC), designs and colors
Practical for your daily routine and for travelling!

Water Bottle

Duraibah water bottle is made of stainless steel, with a hanging hook. Contemporary design. Capacity: 600ml

Luxury Pen

A Premium metal ball pen in different designs, engraved with Duraibah’s exclusive octagonal minMakkah design with black oil
Comes in a premium box!


The notebook is designed to have sticky notes from the inside, and an elastic binder from the outside. The inside papers are all plain. Available in different designs!

Wrist Watch

Inspired by faith for the time conscious and contemporary Muslim, Duraibah’s contemporary designed hand watch is made of rubber, these rubber watches are unisex, with a 3 ATM (water resistant), IP stainless crown
Available in colors and designs!

Key Chain

Inspired by faith, the key chain is made of (Premium metal/ Natural leather), engraved with Duraibah’s exclusive design
Available in different designs and colors!

Iphone Case

A unique selection of Iphone Case design made by Duraibah, the case is made with different material of (blend of cork and leather materials/ hard-shell plastic)
Suitable for iPhone (4/4S – 6/6+ – 7/7+ – 8)

Available in different unique designs and colors!


The Caps are made of cotton with an inspired by faith Octagonal embroidery design. Suitable for men and women
Available in different designs!

Passport Holder

Passport holder, with Duraibah’s Lines design, for those who love to travel in style
Suitable for universal passport size!

Hand Fan

Duraibah’s hand fan carries a contemporary and colorful MinMakkah pattern design and is very light!

Button Badge

The button badge is made of steel
Available in different designs all inspired by faith!